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Cloud-First Solutions To Future-Ready Your IT Infrastructure

Avoid Production Downtime

  • ArrowPotential issues are automatically emailed to you as they arise.
  • Arrow Reduce time to resolution by investigating issues remotely in a matter of minutes.
  • ArrowManufacturing is kept running smoothly with next-day accelerated replacement across the range.
  • Arrow Auto-VPN and SD-WAN with automated WAN failover assist assure availability and connectivity at all locations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Avoid Production Downtime

Any future is feasible with a
future-ready platform.

We've got you covered, whether you're wanting to acquire valuable insights on manufacturing floor activity, provision at scale in minutes, or extend our built-in sensor data for a unique purpose. To help you save time and money, we use machine learning, automation, out-of-the-box analytics, and health monitoring.


In 2017, the manufacturing industry will invest billions of dollars in IoT.


Analytics is used by many manufacturers to analyze and improve processes.


To increase manufacturing efficiency, businesses are investing in digital factories.


It's vital to protect data from your industrial IoT and linked equipment. To protect against known and unknown threats, Nodexon has an enterprise-grade security solution that also includes natively integrated advanced security informed by the world-renowned Nodexon TALOS organization. As a result, you may feel assured that your IT infrastructure is safe.

Lower operating costs up to 90%

Lower operating costs up to 90%

With capabilities like remote packet capture and cable testing, you can troubleshoot network faults in real time and save up to 90% on costs compared to traditional technology. Power and monitor edge devices around the site with PoE/PoE+ choices. To save energy on site, use port schedules to turn off always-on devices while they are not in use..

Minimize waste and deploy on-site

Minimize waste and deploy on-site

Use Nodexon security cameras as a sensor to monitor operations on-site intelligently. Simply plug cameras into Ethernet to adopt the industry's easiest solution. Without exporting data, you can find interesting footage in minutes. To quickly learn and optimize site processes, use film and built-in analytics.

Reduce complexity


Nodexon devices are managed by an intuitive web-based dashboard. Sites may go live in days without the need for highly experienced network professionals thanks to 0 touch provisioning and plug-and-play devices. Lock production devices into single-app mode and keep track of their battery charge, location, and status.