The NX-WC6510 WLC is an enterprise-class wireless network controller that provides a secure, resilient, and highly scalable wireless solution at an unmatched total cost of ownership (TCO). Cutting-edge technology from Nodexon VAC helps to enhance service availability and maintain business continuity. The Nodexon NX-WC6510 also uses a Virtual AP deployment technique to provide a cost-effective means of offering highly protected Guest WiFi.


Key Features

  • ArrowWiFi deployment validation by smartphone APP, MOHO
  • ArrowUp to 1000 APs and 50K Clients are possible
  • ArrowIntelligent Identification of Smart Devices
  • ArrowSeamless Roaming Experience
  • ArrowHigh - availability Virtual AC Technology
  • ArrowHigh-density WiFi Optimization with Pre-AX, CorrectLink, and AirReorder
  • ArrowAI Wireless Optimization Cloud Services
  • ArrowPPSK Enterprise Authentication

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